Sunday, August 31, 2014

Labor Day and ALS Bucket challenges

  Labor Day for me, always signals the end of summer. :(  Boo! 
Here's Coby getting a sweet picture of the storm rolling in. 
It seems like every other year there is a huge storm around Labor Day.  And if you've been around for any Bear Lake storms, you know that they come in fast and are usually quite amazing!  Coby captured an awesome shot of the lightning.  

This year ALS awareness has skyrocketed!  I believe it began with a professional athlete who did the ice bucket challenge and then challenged a few others after completing it.  They have to donate $10 for the challenge, do the ice bucket challenge and challenge others or pay $100 if they fail to do so within 24 hours.
Here's Coby doing an upside down ice bucket challenge....or Ice GARBAGE can challenge here! 
          Just like Coby to do his "own" thing! :)
Then Corbin took his shot!
Next came Jaden!
And last but not least came me...HOLY SUGAR that was cold!!
"This one's for YOU Poppy" as Corbin said in his video.  To date, more than 53 Million dollars has been donated for the cure of ALS.  I pray it helps them find one, but NO ONE...especially a man of Jim's caliber, should have had to suffer through this agonizing disease.  We miss him!  Oh, how we miss him!

It's been a fun weekend hanging out with Honey and the Ben Rich's.  Love our early morning walks with Miss Whitney.  Staying up late watching movies.  (Blended and the Other Woman were HILARIOUS!) Being lazy, soaking up the last of the summer sun, trying to keep Cole from doing whatever he wants in the water and watching my boys on the jet skis.  It's been a great Bear Lake summer!

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