Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Vegas Style

Vegas...here we come!!
Sometimes Coby's jobs have fun perks that I get to tag along for...Mandalay Bay (my favorite hotel in Vegas)...Oh Ya!
We had a little time to kill before we could check in...so we headed straight for Cowabunga Bay after we got off the plane. ***NOTE*** - that's right...Cowabunga Bay passes work in Vegas too...but it's like 10 times as big with AWESOME slides!!
It was the perfect day!  Lots of Sunshine, NO LINES and we got to spend time hanging out and having fun!  Coby was so happy for "Vacation Tif" to join him in Vegas!  Apparently, she SO much more fun than "Mom" Tif!
Later that night we headed to a little appetizer dinner in an Irish Pub in the Mandalay Bay Casino.  Then we were off to see Vegas for a few hours!  First stop...The Hershey Store.  A Statue of Liberty made of delicious chocolate??!!  Oh, if I could have gotten around the guard watching it...I would have been in chocolate heaven!
Then we walked around and people watched...My Oh My there are some "interesting" people to see!  Boy am I glad for the life I have in good old Salt Lake City!  I know it can be kind of a bubble...but it's my bubble and I like it!
The next day we slept in, I got to hit the gym and then leisurely take my time and head out to the pool/beach with a good book!  I was able to read, and feel the warm sun on my legs and listen to what sounded like the waves rolling in all day.  Later that day Coby even took me to a thrift store...NEVER again in Vegas....not worth the drive!  And if you know me...you know Thrift shopping is one of my favorites!  

Usually, Coby's trips out of town consist of a few hours here or there, and I won't lie...the thought of being alone to do my own thing was great...but being alone for most of the day on your birthday isn't that exciting!  :) I did, however, love all the birthday texts and messages throughout the day.  That was fun!  But, being alone made me realize how much I missed the chaos! In his defense, when he wasn't in meetings we were living the Vegas high life and I was loving it!  I think what I loved most was just being with Coby.  He's my best friend and there is no one I'd rather be with.  It was a short little trip, but lots and lots of fun!  

Thanks for taking me to Vegas sweetie!  It was a GREAT Birthday trip!  And Thanks Lady for watching over our little monkeys!  

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