Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kid goes to Kindergarten...

How could this have happened??!!!
Kid can't be old enough for Kindergarten...RIGHT?!!!
As much as I tried to convince him to just stay home with me and be my "little friend"...
This cute boy opted to ride the bus to school and out of my mommy life 1/2 a day Monday - Friday.
And there he baby!  My little friend is gone.  :(  I was super sad on Sunday about him leaving and he gave me his blue blankie and said, "Here Mom.  Blue Blankie will make you feel better.  Just hug him tight and if you need to cry you's ok."  After he left and I came home and put Cole to bed...I saw his blue blankie and sort of lost it.  
Here's his classroom where he couldn't wait to find his seat and begin!
And there's his cute teacher, Mrs. Jeppson welcoming the class just before Kindergarten started. 
And he's Back!  Hallelujah!!  

It's interesting how fast time flies.  Bittersweet really!  On one hand, I'm super happy...but on the other I'm very aware that it's literally flying by and I don't really like it.  How could he be 5 years old already and starting Kindergarten?!!  He's been my little friend for the last 5 years and I've gotten pretty used to having him around me all the time.  He's super entertaining and funny and a good helper and listener (despite his CRAZY LOUD volume and constant need for Hot Coco!)  I'm sure going to miss him during the day.  But this will be good.  He'll get to learn lots of new things and if there is someone who has a love of learning, it's my Jaden! Mrs. Jeppson tested him and said that he's one of the brightest in the class and that he's definitely ready for Kindergarten.  I'm excited for the things he'll learn, the friendships he'll make, riding the bus and figuring out who he is.  While it's a little sad to watch him taking this big step...this is probably just what Cole and I need. Good luck Buddy!  You're going to do GREAT!  

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