Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Jim's Angelversary

I can't believe it's been a whole year since we've seen our sweet Poppy! 
We all decided to have a little picnic at his gravesite and share stories of this incredible man!
We had a great turn out from the Rich's.
Joanne shared pictures and stories from his younger years.
He was quite the athlete!  Baseball, Football....
We all got balloons....
And sent them straight to Heaven just for Jim.
This picture gets me every time.  I know she misses him so much.  We all do...but the look in her eyes of hope and sadness all at the same time makes me tear up.  

Here is Honey surrounded by the littlest admirers that adore her in every way!  I am sure Jim was there.  And I'm certain that he's proud of the way his sweetheart has handled his leaving.  It's been hard...every day...but she's done it gracefully...and continues to do so.  We miss you Jim.  We hate that you are not here to read with Corbin and have bananas and milk whenever we want.  We miss your sighs.  We miss your blunt tact...but most of all we miss your kindness, love and genuine interest in everyone.  We know you are busy, but it's still hard every day.  Stay Close Poppy...we still need you!

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