Saturday, April 05, 2014

"Date" night

Coby and I had tickets to go see Blue Man Group.
Since we couldn't get a sitter and I didn't really want to go... we let the boys choose which parent they wanted to have a "date" with and went our separate ways.  There was a TON of drama between the two boys, but after about an was decided!  Corb decided to hang with me and Jades went with Coby to see Blue Man Group.
They had a BALL!  Quite literally!  In the show they throw these huge beach balls around the crowd and Jaden was STOKED that he was able to throw one!  He also like the part when the announcer spouted off every single word for the word "Butt" and told everyone to "shake it!".  Coby said it was super cute and funny!  He also stayed entertained for the entire show!  :)
Corb and I decided to hit the Nickle Cade.  He was so cute trying to win me prizes out of the grab machine.  We weren't  successful, but got lots of tickets and some fun prizes at the end.  Then he agreed to hit Savers for a little thrifting.  It was GREAT!  He really got into actually looking at stuff and in the end we both came home with a little something fun!  Then we finished up the night with a couple tacos from Taco Bell.  (I know...what were we thinking....??!!)
Tonight was so fun!  It was great to spend a little one on one with each one of the boys.  I think we'll start making it a monthly thing.  

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