Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dying Easter Eggs

One of the many fun traditions is dying tons of Easter Eggs at Honey and Poppy's house.
 We each dyed a dozen or so eggs and Honey got all the fun stuff together...even a fancy Easter Egg tablecloth!
 Then the kids sat down and let their imaginations go CRAZY!  
Jaden did more talking than dying eggs!
 Corb tried his hand at a "golden" Easter Egg!  He even got a little on his Disneyland shirt...just for a souvenir.
 Millie was sooo cute and very detailed as she concentrated on making the Perfect Egg!  Even Livvy is in awe....but don't worry...Jaden is still chatty Cathy over there and didn't notice!
And who could forget Tyson...he had fun playing with my wisk.  Cole on the other hand...didn't quite get he got a cookie to eat instead!
And if there is ever an award for most creative...the award should go to Marse!  Here she is concentrating and making the most beautiful "M" I've ever seen!  :)

Love this fun tradition!  Honey you are a hoot!

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