Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

HE has Risen!!  Indeed, He has Risen!
Happy Easter Everyone!!!
The Easter Bunny made a quick stop to our house!  And then hid the boys' baskets.
The boys were on a MAD and crazy search to find their precious baskets!  Corb found his first.
Followed by an excited Jaden!
And last but not least....Cole found his and decided he'd rather start playing with it the second it came into view!
Next Coby found his.  And then he gave me mine!  All the fixin's for doing my own gel nails!  I'm super excited!!
Those bouncy balloon balls are always a hit...especially for Cole!  A balloon that can take a beatin' and not pop!  PERFECT in our home!
After a few minutes Cole needed to explore the other boy's baskets...and found a few fun things he tried to make his own!
But then the "brother" police stepped in looking rather "official" and put an end to that!
Everyone was dressed in their Easter Best....but doesn't my little Colie look ADORABLE??!!!  SO cute with his light blue pinstripes and pink tie!  :)
After church and the ever critical Sunday naps, we headed over to Honey's house for a fun Easter Egg Hunt.  Corb was off like a rocket!!
And there they all are after it was over (in like 4 seconds).  Cutest kids on the planet!!
There's Tyson and Colie...buddies!
After a quick visit, we headed over to my cute cousin Lanae's house for Easter dinner and another Easter Egg Hunt.
Lanae is the queen of parties and the hostess with the the Easter Hunt did not disappoint!  Don't they look excited to wait for a picture before they can start the hunt??!!
Jaden needed a little help, and since I knew where the SUPER yummy eggs were hidden...he made a good choice recruiting me! 
Cute Burton girls...and uncle Kent.
And there's my cutest girl EVER!  I just adore this girl more than anything!

I love EASTER!  I means so many things to me!  Renewal, Spring, flowers, fresh air and most importantly it means that HE has Risen!  It means that because He does Jack and Jim and my cute Grandma Burton.  It means that because He conquered the grave, I'll get to be with my sweet Jack again!  Today is especially happy, because exactly 11 years ago in the small window of only 2 hours I found my true love!  I am so thankful that Coby made the decision to fly in for the weekend, wake up early and drive 5 hours up to Lansing, MI and check out the Singles Ward.  We were married 3 months later and saw each other a total of 9 times before we kneeled across the alter in the Holy Salt Lake Temple.  What a miracle!  What a blessing!  What an incredible gift!  ;)

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