Friday, April 11, 2014

One off the bucket list

A few weeks ago my cute friend Angie (in a spontaneous fit of a little bit of anger) decided that it might be fun to buy a Paintball Groupon.  She convinced the "core four" that we should make a date night out of it. 
Most of us had never been (the girls I mean) so....we made a plan....with layers...lots and lots of layers!  Ames even had armored shield! 
 Look at these cute girls!!  Ames on the left and Ang on the right!
And here's our fearless men!  LOVE Fab's get up (G.I. Joe on the left)....he's SERIOUS when it comes to being protected!  I guess that's what being a dad to mostly boys and one amazing young women, a GORGEOUS wife, bishop and lover of guns will do to ya!  :)
We PLAYED two rounds (I may have only played one)!  One even hit me in the mask...I survived!  We all did...but some of us got a few battle scars!
Angie's sad!  Looks painful!

Tonight was a night I dreaded....I'm a wimp...what can I say?!!  I have to be given the "pain chart" each time I'm at the hospital.  Because apparently, smiling politely while telling your nurse that you are at a level 9, doesn't fly!  :)  But I sure had a BALL with these cute girls and their husbands...and mine!  :)  It was fun... I didn't get a welt... I can cross it off my bucket list FOREVER!  :)

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