Monday, March 17, 2014

"Victims" of a little green Leprechaun

The boys made sure to wear GREEN to avoid being pinched when they woke up.   I thought it was cute until Coby reminded me that I was not exempt from the "green" rule...and I knew that there would be a whole lot of pinching if I woke up without it!  So, despite being so cozy in bed the night before...I got up anyway!
That crazy leprechaun got into EVERYTHING....just look at those green pancakes.  (well, they are supposed to be green...but you can't really see it that well!  :)
He even got into the kids milk and apple juice! 
 And from what I was told he may have even peed in the 1/2 bathroom!  :)
Good times!  It's always fun to wake up and celebrate silly holidays!  The boys get a kick out of it and that makes any hassle worth it!

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