Saturday, March 08, 2014

Boy's Weekend in Sunny St. George

Coby and Corbin got a little invite from Dan and Preston Carter (cousin's on the Patterson side) to head down to sunny St. George and have a little boys weekend.  They golfed...and when I say golf, I mean Dan and Coby golfed and Corb and Preston searched for golf balls.  I heard that Corbin may have accidentally been hit with Coby's club KNOW where!  Then they headed up the canyon for a mountain bike ride.  They all had a GREAT time until Corb flew forward on the handle bars and may have landed on that pole in the middle of the bike.  Poor Corb.  Coby said it looked like it hurt quite a bit.  I sure hope he can have children one day!  :)  
Cobe said that Corb and Preston had an absolute ball together.  
It's so nice that Corb is getting to the age that he can actually do outdoorsy things with Coby.  There is nothing he loves more than to spend time with his dad.  Jaden on the other hand was pretty disappointed...but I'm sure Cobe will make it up to him later in the week.

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