Thursday, October 03, 2013

Getting into the Halloween spirit

Halloween is just around the corner....
 And since everyone has been sick here for what feels like an ETERNITY...
 I decided it was time to bust out all of the Halloween/Fall decorations.
I decided to go with a Raven Theme this year. 
I used all my birdcages and put black Ravens inside.  Even my angle table got a little hint of Halloween/Fall.
And since I didn't want to have to take EVERYTHING down...I decided to try to do things a little more "fall" inside.  Here is the banister.  It was so fun...I've never had a banister to decorate!!

I've really loved having a baker's rack and a little side table to decorate my porch.  It may look cluttered...but it's sure is fun being able to use all the decorations I've accumulated over the years and haven't had the room to put them out.  Most of them are DIY by me or picked up at a local thrift store because I'm too cheap to buy them all brand new.  I really look forward to each season/holiday and feel like I can now really get into the "spirit" of each.  This next year is going to be a HOOT!  ;)

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