Monday, October 14, 2013

This is the Place Field Trip with CorbiMac

Today I had the opportunity to go on a field trip with Corbin.  This class was headed to "This is the Place Monument" (The site that Brigham Young decreed home after crossing the plains with the pioneers 200 years ago)
Here's a shot of me and my Corbi-Mac 
We hopped on the bus (which I remember being way bigger...) and headed north...or east...or I don't know which direction...good thing I wasn't in charge!!

This is what the sky looked like...and it was COLD!   FREEZING cold!  I wished I worn more layers!

They showed us how the pioneers actually pushed the handcarts.  Here is Corb and his buddy Trey.  SUCH cute boys!
Later we got to see what school was like.  This teacher was NO NONSENSE!  She reminded me of the mean teacher in Pete's Dragon!  In the picture Mrs. Glade (Corb's AMAZING 3rd Grade teacher)  is being punished for speaking without permission. The teacher is making her face the wall while extending her arms and hold books....YIKES!  I think I would have had the most shapely of arms back then....(I was always getting into trouble for talking in class!).  

Today was a great day...cold...but great non the less!  I had such a ball getting to spend the day with Corbin learning about our pioneer heritage.  It was VERY enlightening and so interesting!  I've said it before and I'll say it again...The good Lord knew what He was doing when he put me here at this time...because there is NO way I would have made it.  Coby jokes and tells me that he would have had to leave me on the plains because his "ears" just couldn't take any more of my whining!  :) I think he is probably right! 

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