Sunday, October 27, 2013

Disney Halloween Cruise

This year for our little family trip we went on a....
We were welcomed by non other than GOOFY himself!
Jaden quite LITERALLY ran into Mickey Mouse!  He was SO excited that we was blinded by the big enormous Mouse!
And we're ON the ship!!  "WELCOME RICH family"!!
The boys wasted NO time getting on their swim suits and hitting the water slides.
They were LOVING every second of it!
Even this guy couldn't wait to get his turn on the slide!
Jaden and Coby having a little water/tickle time!
I took this picture for Joanne because it's a line of music from the movie Pete's Dragon that's she's often sung to the boys as she rocked them as babies.   GREAT movie!
Upon entering our room we were greeted with a little surprise for coming back!  Thank you very much DISNEY CRUISE Lines!
After we checked out our room, we went on to explore the ship!  First stop: Kid's Club where Corb ran into Iron Man!
Here's Jaden doing HIS impression of the Iron Man pose.
Then Jadesy babe found the slide.  It was pretty neat!
Jaden found a Hula Hoop and worked his "hip" magic!
Here we are about to leave for sea.
The boys got in a little basketball before we hit the open sea.  Check out Corb's mad shooting skills!
He gets it from his dad!
Look at that Sunset!  BEAUTIFUL!  
Being at sea is very tiring....
as you can clearly see!
Our first show:  The Golden Mickey's.
Jaden was excited!
And Cobe and I were starting to really enjoy ourselves!  It didn't take us too long to get into the swing of VACATION Tif and Cobe!
Love that Sunset!  It was so pretty but as usual, really really WINDY!
And then it was on to dinner and many as you want!  This could be a problem!!  Good thing I wore my tightest clothes the first day of the cruise...because after tonight, there is NO way I'm fitting into them for a while!
The next day we made our way to Cozumel,  where we did a little excursion with the Sting Rays.  It was pretty awesome!  Corb and Cobe did a little snorkeling...(Jaden quickly learned that he did NOT like we hung out together on the beach playing with crabs).  Jaden and Corb won 3 place for their racing crabs and won a bag of chips!  We were starving, so cheetos seemed like a GREAT prize!
It was a FANTASTIC day!  I certainly LOVE this family of mine!  But oh how I was missing my little Colie!
Tonight was Pirates night! I couldn't believe just how some people REALLY got into it!  I am talking crazy elaborate costumes!!  There was a party on deck and lots and lots of fireworks!  I love that Disney does fireworks.  (they are the only cruise line to do it...feeling pretty spoiled already!)
There was lots and lots of fun music and dancing...and I totally danced like no one was watching!  Hey...vacation Tif is FUN.....ask Coby!  I think that's why he likes to go on so many trips so "she'll" come out!  "mom" Tif...isn't so fun!
We had SO much fun...and some children had so much fun they didn't make it to the end before finding a comfy or maybe not so comfy place to crash!  :)  I sure love that sleeping little pirate!
The next day was Halloween!  And if Disney knows one's how to celebrate over a Holiday...especially a fun one like HALLOWEEN!  Here's Jaden and I dancing!  He's still too young to know when he should be embarrassed by his mom!  ****DON'T grow up little boy...PLEASE****
Even Minnie Mouse was making the rounds and came to join us!
Later that night we all dressed up like a family of Super Heros.  One of our Supers was not being so SUPER and refused to even smile!  
I tried my best to get him to dance with me again...but he would have NOTHING to do with it! (maybe someone gave him the heads up about my dancing skills....)
The next day we landed on Castaway Cay.  Our favorite island!  The boys wasted NO time playing in the sand, water and finding all kinds of things!
Jaden built a sweet sand castle!
And then about 3 seconds later...he destroyed it!
Here's Jaden showing me his "shell" mustache. 
Then we buried Coby in the sand.
We tried to make him a girl....notice his amazing rack?!!  
After that...Coby decided he was done being our victim...and took the boys and rinsed off in the water. The boys always love when he throws them around....but poor little Jaden's pants just didn't hold up too well....oooops!  Looks like everyone on the island got a full moon!!!
Here's Corbin doing a flip...he ROCKED it...and also kept his pants it was a good day!
Then we checked the kids into the kids club at the beach and had a little R & R ourselves.
We LOVE Castaway Cay!
We had a blast riding bikes together in the midst of a little rain!  It was seriously SO fun!  I wish we could have stayed there even longer!
This was our last night on the ship and even though we tried countless times to take a picture with that lovely little girl in the background....well, there she is!  
After the show, the boys wanted to hit the slides.  They must have gone on them 30 times each in a short period of time.  There was NO line at all!  They were in heaven I'm sure!
After we left the ship, we rented a car and headed down Miami where we went on a swamp tour.  Pretty awesome!  Wish we could have seen a few more alligators though!
The boat ride was fun...LOUD...but super fun!
I was LOVING the swamp....brings me back to my roots!
Hello mister Aligator!!
And Mister Scorpian!
As I was looking at that scorpion, the man holding  it tried to scare me by putting it close to my face.  Did he succeed?  Well, as you can see...HE TOTALLY DID!!
Then he wrestled this friendly, sharp toothed guy!
And just like was over!  
Such a fun trip!  Thanks Mom for watching our little lamb baby!  I certainly missed him SO much!  I couldn't wait to get home and scoop that little chunk-a-munk up in my arms and smother him with as many kisses as he'd let me...and even a few more that he probably didn't appreciate!  :)  Always so much fun!  Coby is the BEST trip planner ever.  Thank you baby for always taking the time to spend quality time with us and show us how much you love us!  We love you SO much!  Can't wait for the next one!

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