Thursday, October 17, 2013

Are you ready for some football?!!!

This year Corb was adamant about playing football.  So, we signed him up for Flag Football at the local Rec Center.
As you can see...he's a natural!
All those Sundays watching Football with his dad (who has a crazy and insane obsession with the sport)...have paid off!
And it probably helped that Coby was their Coach!  :)
Parents from both sides showed their support each game.  And sometimes...we got in a little fun on the side!  Here's the Pooch and "'Lil Wayne"!
Such a poser!
And Cole refused to sit idly by and watch from the side lines while Jaden and Corb had fun...He he is tackling the Pooch!
And then Nana swooped in a saved him with lots of tickles, hugs and kisses!
And here's our Honey and Rosie congratulating the winner team!  :)

Corb's done really well in Football this year.  I think it may just be his sport.  It really comes so naturally to him and he LOVES playing it!

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