Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Happy Birthday Amay Dear!

Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday to Amy...she's turning 25! I can't say enough about this girl. She was one of my first roomates and taught me to LOVE mexican food and tried her hardest to teach me to clean up after myself. She taught me the value of a bargain and the difference between being frugle and just plain cheap. I love that she's a convert to the church. She joined in High School and then saved her money and went to Honduras and served an honorable mission. There she learned to just swat ginormous bugs as they ran across her face in the middle of the night and was able to just go back to sleep as well as wash her clothes on rocks. She is responsible for introducing me to the best breadsticks EVER invented!

She is hillarious and not afraid of confrontation. I love that she doesn't LOVE casseroles like most Mormons do and that she REFUSES say things like "Oh My HECK!" When Jack passed she didn't give up on me NOT returning calls. She sent so many thoughtful letters and gifts and always takes the time to tell me she's proud of the way we've been handling things. She has a GORGEOUS smile and I'd give anything to have her live closer to me! Happy Birthday Ames! I love ya!

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abbyandcompany said...

That's not the girl that dressed you up as a polygamist for Halloween is it? Strange girl. :)

*sniff, sniff....* You are too sweet.. and you owe me a butt kicking. Especially on my birthday. I may consume a cake or two. Just sayin'. XOXO.