Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Little and Poppy

Happy Birthday Little...aka Lanae. Lanae is my cute cousin. We have close since before we could talk. We used to spend 2 weeks each summer at each other's houses for as long as I can remember. We've always been close. Lanae is one of the most genuine, loving, giving, creative, thoughtful, completely amazing, funny and GORGEOUS people I've ever had the privilege of knowing. She was responsible for writing the beautiful poem for Jack. She came by daily during our hardest time this year to show us that she was thinking of us. Sometimes we'd talk and other times she'd just be there so I didn't have to feel all alone. Our boys LOVE to play together and we seem to have the recipe for making boys! We seem to have our babies around the same time. It's so fun! I love this girl. I'm so happy we're family and that we're so close. SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY you HOT momma! I love you!

Happy Birthday Poppy! We love you! Corbin is in LOVE! He always looks forward to spending time with his "poppy". If he knows Poppy is coming over, he insists on waiting on the steps of the front porch. These two certainly have a GREAT bond and we are so grateful that we live so close for you both to always be buddies. We love you!


Melanie said...

That cute Corbin is a smoocher! What a cutie pie! Who wouldn't love Poppy! Remind me to tell you the passion fruit juice story about Jim when we go to lunch.

Lanae said...

You're just my favorite!! I just love you to pieces and you just always bring a big cheesy smile to my face every time I see you. You told me something back in Sept. - you said that you were sorry but you'd never be the same Tiff again. We all change because life throws curve balls at us (some BIG and some not so big), but you will always be my little Tiff, and you'll always be the most thoughtful, funny, kind, and adorable gal I know. You just make me smile. Love you so much. Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday and I'll see you... FRIDAY!

Anonymous said...

Lanae is for sure the 'hottest mama' I know - just beautiful. And the biggest sweetheart too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
And your kids are so lucky to have such wonderful grandparents!