Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Rhondala...aka Ambie

Happy Birthday to my beautiful, selfless and amazing sister Amber! Isn't she gorgeous??!!! She is currently finishing up her bachelors degree at MSU and living in East Lansing. I would give anything to have her live HERE RIGHT NOW!!! I am 5 years older than her. Infact when she was a baby I used to run to her when I got into trouble...which was often. She's loved me despite the fact that I blamed things on her...(Walmart)...YOU know what I'm talking about!! :) And then the time I decided to see how hot the spatula was while cooking a grilled cheese sandwich. I know, I'M ROTTEN!! She loves mayo and has the cutest feet I've ever seen. She has a great sense of fashion and will happily give up whatever she has to help another person out. She sent me all of her awesome Aldo shoes before we went to Mexico...(Post STILL coming ....I PROMISE). She loves her family and always puts us first before any other thing. She was reluctant to love Coby at first because she was looking out for my best interest. Who could blame her...Coby and I knew each other a whopping 100 days from the time we met to the time we said "Yes" in the Salt Lake Temple! But they have a GREAT relationship now! She calls him "Cheese" and he calls her "Spam". She plays with Corbin and Corbin absolutely ADORES her. He's even said that the top bunk of his bed is just for "Ambie". I'm so glad that she got to know Jack and see what a perfect little boy he was and now really is.

I love you Wondala! I hope that you have a GREAT birthday! We miss you and wish that you were here so we could spoil you!

Toni, Cheese, CorbiMac and Jackie Joo and the embryo...who's now more like a monkey swinging from my ribs! :)
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Sommer said...

oh i lub me some ambular as well! i miss you amb! cant wait to see you in the near future!