Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BEST ears award goes to....

I walked outside into the garage and noticed that the back door was wide open. Who "ever" could have done it??

Mom: "Corb...did you forget to close the door?"

Corbin: Mom...I shut MY door... maybe you didn't shut your DAMN door."

Mom: (trying NOT to laugh and hide the grin as I'm getting into the car) "What did you say?"

Corbin: I said, "Mom..I shut my door, but I don't think you shut your door." (with a semi-"I totally got away with saying the "D" word and she didn't even catch me" look

Mom: Did you say "the Damn" door?

Corbin: "Ooooooh, um...ya. I heard you say that yesterday....should I call dad and tell him what you said??"

I can sum it up simply....MANIPULATIVE LITTLE....I probably better stop since his little ears are around and I wouldn't want him to "tell" on me! :) it really a swear word?

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Anonymous said...

That is classic!

Lanae said...

Oh, that is classic! And, OF COURSE - We're ON for Friday.
Love ya bebe.

Melanie Bingham said...

For sure not a swear word :)

The Rich's said...

It's the worst when they say it and you know exactly where they heard it.

Brittni Schroeder Photography said...

LOL! Love it! I don't think it is a swear word, but you might want to get a second opinion on that one!

abbyandcompany said...

That is so funny. Reminds me when Abby was like 2 and asked if I could hand her her 'damn blankie"

LL said...

that is damn funny!
SERIOUSLY, this made me laugh out loud.
Damn is not a swear word, I just choose to not say it in front of my husband...for some reason he doesn't appreciate it as much as I do.
CUTE and smart little boy you have, he used it in a sentance very well. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Now that is funny!!! Corbin doesn't miss a thing when it comes to listening to people talking, but of course that is how they learn is to listen, that is why it is so important to read when they really little. I love that little boy so much!!! Nana (Lady)