Sunday, September 19, 2010

A few weeks of Firsts!

That's my baby!! My little Kindergartner!!! He started school the day after Labor Day. It was a rainy rainy day...but as you can see from the first picture...he was SOOOO excited despite the awful weather. Coby got a little more emotional than me. I think it'll probably hit me when he starts first grade and he's gone all day. Right now he's home by noon and so it still feels a bit like preschool to me. He LOVES his teacher "Mrs. Tom-a-lin-son" (Tomlinson). He LOVES riding the bus to and from school. It's just so cute to watch him get ready for school with his giant back pack. Oh...he's getting so big! I can hardly believe it!

About a week after school started he felt like he was "OLD enough" to take the training wheels off his bike. Coby and I were a bit leery at first. Coby took the training wheels off and Corb took to the bike like a duck in water. He may have fallen twice...and that's it.

He officially deemed himself a PRO and we couldn't be happier! Again I have to say...He's sooo big!! That's my baby riding a two-wheeler!! :)

What's he doing here you ask? Well, kissing the sidewalk of course! :) He loves to watch Scooby-Doo. On a particular episode he saw Shaggy and Scooby Doo kiss the pavement after a scary bike ride. Monkey see monkey do I guess! :)

Speaking of Monkeys....guess who's about 2 seconds away from walking??!! Jader Bader Butter Bug that's who! :) He's so close...but not quite there YET! I'm guessing he'll officially deem himself a little pro in the next few weeks too! :)

But that doesn't stop him from finding my shoes, bringing them to me and demanding me to take him for a walk in the stroller. THANKS MOM! :) He learned that little trick when my mom tended him when we were on the cruise. It's really quite cute! How can I say NO!??!! :)

He also learned to play the recorder. He was a little sick here, but was don't worry a little "bug" couldn't slow him down. I just love that little toad! :)

It's no secret that I love ice cream...well guess who else loves it too?

I was having a rather off day and decided to melt our worries away with a little help from good old Mickey D's. I got my 32 oz diet coke and he got his first ever kid cone. Let's just say we were both in heaven! :)

And last but not least...our last first and HOPEFULLY our LAST:

Corb gets his first cavity!! NO MORE SWEETS FOR HIM!! :) Pictures coming tomorrow...stay tuned.

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abbyandcompany said...

I hardly recognized Corbin in that first photo, he looks so old! Did he take a piece of his blankie in his backpack???

Anonymous said...

The boys are so precious, I can't believe how fast babies grow and now I see oh yes!!! You are now in the same place I was when you were just starting Kindergarden, except your Kindergarden was all day long, I remember how sad I was when that happened... and all of you all are now all grown up. Charish every minute you can with them as they all grow up so so fast. I think it is funny that now Jaden does that to you too and thinks he should always go on walks, I think he thinks I really need to lose weight and you know he is so right...LOL I love you sweetie so very much.

Melanie Bingham said...

What cute boys! Gotta love McD's therapy!! It's pretty cheap therapy if you think about it. :)

Lanae said...

I can't believe how big they are (and so dang cute!); I love all the new pictures. Love those cute little boys.