Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bear Lake 2010 with the gang

LOVE that little toad!
I just love this tender moment Anne is loving with her little Johnny! I bet she's wishing he'd stay like that forever!

And this baby...Baby Nelson belongs to Lance and Bettie. I don't think I've ever seen a better baby. He was happy 24/7. In fact I'm not even sure I heard him make any sound other his sweet little "coos". As you can see, he's quite a cutie!

When we got there we all just kicked back and chilled. It was nice to just relax and pick up where we all left off. We were missing the Archibalds, but no worries they came the next day for a bonfire.

Lovin'...the Bear Lake Lazy days!

Corbin always wants to be like his daddy and water skiing was no exception.

First things first: put on the skis

And we're UP!

And we're DOWN!

Here's our trusty "flag" holder Scotty to give us the heads up.

There's Coby! How LOWWWW can ya go??!!

There's Lance doing a flip! I know we were all missing his HOT PINK and PURPLE wet suit!

I love this shot of Wade!

I couldn't find one of this cute little face will have to represent the Seibs! :) She so cute I could just eat her up! Love that little Sam!

We were sad that we didn't get in as much time with Wes and Mandy as we would have liked. But were happy with whatever time we got. They made it for the bonfire and we had a ball!

Here's cute Bettie with her little "crew" Calista and baby Nelson!

There's the Siebenbergs! Most of them anyway...where's that cute MaKenna??!! :) She must have been playing hard with all the other kids.

Corbin and Scotty were great little friends!

There's Wade and Anne and their little Johnny! So sweet!

We had a ball this year. Wish the Cabin was a tichy bigger so that my cute cousin and her family could have been there too. Maybe next year. The weather was perfect. The company was even more so. We look forward to our Friends' weekend up at Bear Lake. Thank you soooooooo much Momma Jo and Poppy for letting us use the cabin. You're the BEST!

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