Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the GREATEST Father on the planet!!!
Today I woke up early and made some German Pancakes.  
The boys were totally excited to wake their daddy up by JUMPING on him!  I bet he was thinking that it was a good thing they are cute!
They boys all filled out a little questionnaire all about their dad.  
They both filled them out....
And then read them each to Coby.
Then they gave him a golf passport (lots of golfing and freebies) and a box of red golf balls.  As you can see...Colie was VERY interested in seeing what that passport was all about!
But I think he was MORE interested in eating a delicious and very sweet breakfast....all before 9 am church!!!
Later that day, we had my family over to celebrate.  I made a lasagna and Coby's favorite Carmel Cake.
They boys got a little silly with their garlic bread!
And they just got sillier and siller...
And before we knew it...garlic bread mustaches were all the rage!
Here's my dad with his Golf package.  I can't believe I got an actual smile on film!  
Then he did what this Pooch does best....playing horse with the boys!  They all love climbing on his back and trying to stay on before he bucks them off!  :)  It's pretty cute!  And nothing warms my heart more than watching them interact with a man that has been my hero longer I know I can even remember!  
I love the men in my life!  I miss Jim!  He was truly a giant among men and no one will EVER fill his shoes!  I wish Corb could have had both grandpas to show him what being a good man is all about!  I'm certainly happy that he has the MOST amazing dad and Pooch to show him the ropes!  I know Jim watches over our boys and misses us as much as we miss him!  What a blessing of peace, safety and security it is to know that all three of these men are honorable bearers of the Priesthood and hold it in high regards!  
Happy Father's Day babe!  I love you more than you can ever know!  Thank you for always loving me despite my insecurities as a mom and being the most amazing dad EVER!  These boys look up to you in so many ways and I am happy that they have YOU as their dad!  We all feel pretty blessed!  LOVE you babe!

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