Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Jadesy Babe

Happy Birthday Jadesy babe!  How in the world can you be 5 already??!!!
This year for his birthday he wanted a Star Wars themed party.  So, onto Pinterest I went!
Officially, I went a little crazy!!!
"Princess LAYS" potato chips...
"Wookie" Cookies and "Obi-wan" Kabob-ies!
And then there was a Jedi Master griller always happy to pose for the camera!
And like his dad....this one was all to happy to give us a little "cheese"...
And a lean too!
We rented a big bounce house that even had a slide.
It seemed that EVERYONE had a ball!
Even this little lamb boy didn't miss out!
Tyson had a blast going down the slide over and over again!
Then it was time to Attack the Clone Army with these AMAZING and WELL constructed Light Sabers!
Look out Clones!!!
These kids meant BUSINESS!

After the kids had attacked as many of the "Clone Army" as possible...they moved on to our good friend Brett!  Poor Brett!
Then it was time for birthday cake!
I LOVE that cute little smile!
Because the party was so rushed in the final minutes...our fun Star Wars photography props were almost forgotten!  LOVE that small Darth Vader!   
Aunt Ambie was right...the force IS strong with this one!
My cute Grandpa Burton was such a trooper!  He tediously trimmed and attached elastics to 40 masks! 
So, NATURALLY, he wanted to part of the fun!!
I love this one with Corb and my Grandpa!
And this one with my dad and cute sister!  "I am your FATHER!!"   Whaaaaaaa???!!!
And one last one with my monster!
And even though I have vowed to NEVER again try to do another "pinterest"Party, the look on this little boy's face made all the crazy INSANENESS okay!

I sure love this "Kid"!  He makes me SO happy...most of the time!  I can't believe that he's already 5!!! He's going to be going to kindergarten in exactly 2 months!  I don't know what I'll do without my little friend every day!  Knowing that he'll be gone 5 days a week (even if they are only 1/2 days) seems almost a little unbearable!  Seriously, typing this I'm a huge mess!  My baby is growing up and sending him to school for some reason seems SO hard!  I ask him every day if he's SURE he wants to still go...and he says, "MOOOOM!!!"  (In that annoyed toned) "I'm only going to be gone for a little bit!"  He's my little friend!  He's my helper!  My hot coco drinker and the guardian of "blue blankie".  He loves sleepovers with his Nana and Poochie and Honey.  He has my mom completely WRAPPED around every one of his fingers and he KNOWS it!  He has the softest skin and is still a great snuggler!  He's quick to forgive and give a good hug (still with little pats on the back) and HUGE kisses that last like 15 seconds which I always have to say "WOWZA"!  He loves his big brother and is constantly asking when he'll be home from school.  He loves to swim.  He loves trying to be like Corb and his dad by always being willing to try something new, whether it's skiing or wake boarding and even flips on the trampoline!  He has a GREAT and completely contagious laugh!  He says the cutest prayers and always remembers to say "Please bless the food and please bless it"!  I love his little underbite!  He likes to watch Curious George, Goosebumps, Phineas and Ferb and America's Funniest Home Videos.  But his FAVORITE show to watch with his dad and Corb is America Ninja Warrior or Wipeout!  He's fearless!  He loves to sing!  He is VERY friendly and is NEVER shy!  He can make friends with anyone...young or old!  He LOVES playing with girls more so than boys.  He has a great little memory and can usually pick up on things REALLY quickly.  He loves to try to read and I'm not sure if he just memorizes things or he is actually reading!  :)  He has a little temper.  He looks exactly like me!  And sometimes has been nicknamed "'Lil Wayne" (after my dad) since he resembles him, is a little bit smaller in size but refuses to be one of the "little" guys!  He can cry if the wind blows wrong.  He has the LOUDEST cry and actually usually has only ONE volume....LOUD!    I love his hair when it's longer in the summer!  He looks so much like a little beach bum!  He is constantly asking for treats!  He's a great self entertainer!  He is always (well, mostly always) so sweet with Colie!  He loves to draw and often draws our whole family including Jack and Poppy!  He's a sensitive little boy doesn't respond well to yelling! (My yelling).  He loves to build Legos.  He constantly asks if I like him the best!  I always ask him If WE'RE IN...."love and we're best friends"!  He makes my heart happy and I've never been excited to have a baby as I was when I found we were pregnant with him.  I remember being absolutely GIDDY to meet him!  He drives me coo coo sometimes, but I wouldn't trade anything about him for the world!  He's my Jadesy Babe and I'm so in love with him!  I hate that he's getting bigger and while he still comes into our bed almost every night...I secretly kind of like it.  Happy Birthday Jadesy babe!  We sure love you!

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