Friday, June 06, 2014

Camping with the Hansens

We went camping with the Hansen crew this weekend.  It was Cole's first camping adventure!
He did pretty great about staying far enough back from the fire...but it was pretty enticing! Corb played soccer with all the other boys, while Jadesy found a cute little girl his age and made a new friend.  That boy is going to be a ladies man I tell ya!  If there is a room filled with little boys and only 1 girl....Jaden will find her and quickly become besties!  :)   
Cole found a warm daddy and piece of bacon...what could be better??!!
Here's a tired and cold Mommy holding that crazy dimple boy!
Is he a character or what??!!
After the breakfast rush had ended and we were pretty well packed up (thanks to Coby) Jaden and Coby went on a little hike.  Jaden was LOVING all the one of one time!
But this is the best part of the whole camping trip!  Waking up finding these little monkeys snuggled up together!  One may even come to the conclusion that they like each other!  :)  

A fun time was had by all and I couldn't wait to get home and shower off all the campfire smell and crawl back into my comfy bed.  It didn't work out that way....but hey....I did eventually get a shower!  

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