Friday, June 15, 2012

Swim Lessons

It's that time again...SWIM LESSONS!!  We LOVE going to Mrs. Lorie's class.  She was Corbin's preschool teacher and has been teaching him swim lessons for the past 3 years.  To say that we just adore her is an understatement!
This year was Jaden's first time going.  He was SO excited the first day...and then we struggled keeping him in the pool for the next few days!  He's a little stinker!
But then he really got the hang of it and starting have FUN!
Here he is popping his head up making sure that we're ALWAYS watching!
Corbin did AWESOME!!  He's turned into quite a good little swimmer!  We're so proud of him!
Corb, diving off the diving board.
And Jaden couldn't WAIT for Mrs. Lorie to catch him as he FEARLESSLY jumped into the deep end.  That fearless trait scares me ALOT!  Which is why he's learning NOW to swim!
At the end of the 2 weeks, Mrs. Lorie rewards everyone with otter pops.
They are always a BIG hit with EVERYONE!  Especially these two little fishies!! 

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