Sunday, June 10, 2012

Camping in Preston, ID with the Stevensons

This weekend we got the chance to meet up with our dear friends The Stevensons and and do a little camping.  I say camping...but my kind of camping! 
A cabin is just my style!  It was a SWEET little cabin.  We slept on cots, had no electricity, but had the BEST time ever! 
This is the view from the cabin!  Can you say  GORGEOUS??!!  We had an enormous firepit, large tables to eat on, TONS of firewood (that Cobe and Lance took turns showing who was more "manly"), a sweet little stream for fishing and all the fresh air you could ever want! 
We went for hikes...Callista and Jaden became good little buddies.  He's always liked the pretty older girls!  :)
I'm pretty sure Jack was some form anyway.  (Forget-me-not flowers) EVERYWHERE!
Here's a shot of their cute little family:  Callista, Bettie, Lance and Nelson
Coby loved fishing and Jadesy loved scaring the fish away by throwing big rocks into the water.  It never got old!
But more than anything, they just loved being with their daddy!
I love this shot of Bettie, carting both her kids across the water.  She's super mom I SWEAR!!
Lance brought a bb gun and taught Corb to shoot.  He got to be pretty good!
We roasted 'mallows.  And sometimes they didn't work out like we wanted....OBVIOUSLY!
But that didn't stop "some" people....
...who would probably eat 'mallows in his sleep if he could!!
Love our talks around the campfire.  If you've ever been around Lance and Bettie, you know that there is NEVER and I mean NEVER a dull moment!  Conversations NEVER lack and half the time you are thinking..."Did he really just say that?!!"  SO funny!  We did miss the Archibalds this trip and they BETTER be there next time!  **(THAT IS NOT A REQUEST ARCHIBALDS)**
But by the end of our little adventure...this is how we pretty much felt! 
Ready for a good night's sleep in our own beds!

Thanks for inviting us Lance and Bettie!  We had a blast!  As usual!

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