Thursday, November 18, 2010

Halloween 2010

Last year as I was making my way through Thrift Town (the BEST thrift store EVER), I came upon a sweet little Fireman costume just perfect for Corbin the following year.  So, all year I've been crossing my fingers that he'd go for the bait and "choose" to be a fireman on his own.  I talked it up quite a bit...and lo and behold...he took the bait.  This year for Halloween the boys were a firefighter and a firehouse dalmation.  They were soooo cute!  As soon as Jaden got his hands on his little trick or treat pumpkin...there was no prying it out of them.  HE LOVED getting the candy.  In fact, it's been a little detrimental!   He wakes up every morning and points to the cabinet where the candy....maybe we'll be paying Dr. Tarbet a visit sooner than we thought!  :)
Lanae hosted a SWEET little...well, not so little Halloween party this year.  I wish I had my camera, because it looked awesome!  So much time and energy went into making it quite magical!  They had a bunch of different things to do from face painting all the way to watching "Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin."  It was a blast.  There were more people than I even know there and still that cute girl in the witch's hat was calm and collected....SO LANAE!  :)  Love this girl!  We had a BALL!

After Trick-or-Treating in our neighborhood (Thanks Mom for handing out candy...we LOVE you), we headed over to Honey and Poppy's...I mean the hip ole' granny and the Jimmy McRich's house for a treat.  They always have hot cider and donuts.  It was so fun!  Love Ben's homemade costume.  He's holding his head in a cheese ball container!  :)  VERY RICH like!  :)

Jaden had a few donuts....maybe more!  :)

It was a GREAT Halloween!  Missed our other little fire fighter, but I guess he had bigger "fires" to put out up there.  We miss ya Jackie Joo!

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Ashley Sullenger said...

Unfortunately with school we won't be making it down to Utah, but I have a friend in Lindon UT who is collecting supplies and bringing it up for the 17th. If you don't want to do that, Paypal is probably the best, I've heard some say shipping was a lot. Either way we appreciate it.

Thanks again for the support, and I agree it's been amazing to see who we've met through the accident.