Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gratitude mixed with a little stupidity

Today I went to Costco....the day before THANKSGIVING....Was it insane and packed with people?  It's COSTCO in of course it was!  It was PACKED!  I was trying to find a place to sit with my mom and the boys for a quick bite.  It was lunch time and everyone was hungry! And by everyone I mean EVERYONE in Costco! I finally found a table...put my wallet down.  As I placed my wallet down (and please know...I had NO INTENTION of leaving it alone...EVER), I remember thinking that putting my wallet on the table wasn't a good idea.  Then suddenly....I found the PERFECT spot...with a place for all of us PLUS a place to park the cart).  After we all had our lunch and eaten it too....a teenager walks up to me and asks me if THIS was my wallet....
The funny this was...I had been watching that wallet sitting all alone on a table and thought..."what kind of IDIOT leaves their wallet sitting on a table AT COSTCO??!!!"  Not once did it dawn on me that it was MINE!  
So, in a nutshell, I am the idiot who left their wallet all alone on table at lunchtime full of credit cards and the beginning of the Holiday season!  So, THANK you honest teenager for doing the right thing!  

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