Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy Forth of July!

Happy 4th of July!!
I love this country we live in!  Love the freedom , the colors, the festivities and the chance that I get to hang out with our family all day long!
Coby finally hung Poppy's flag.
We woke up bright and early and headed down the street for a little parade and breakfast with our ward.
South Jordan Fire Department was there too!
Jaden felt like a little stud as he sat in driver's seat of the Firetruck!
Later that day we headed to Coby's work party at the Stadium of Fire!  We missed our Little Cole.  Maybe next time buddy!
We all wore matching company t-shirts.  We loved that they were red in a predominantly BLUE part of town! 
And who was girl Carrie Underwood!  SO EXCITING!  I love her!  I love that she's got a rockin' voice AND morals!
There may have been kissing....
And tickling...
And selfies...
But listening to her sing....I was in Heaven!
And then Coby handed me some ice cream!!  What could be better than spending the 4th of July with most of my cute little family, watching my favorite girl Carrie Underwood and eating burnt almond fudge ice cream??!!!  NOTHING!!  I'm going to regret the ice cream this late at night....but it's totally worth it!!

The Stadium of Fire did NOT dissapoint with their Firework show!  It was like a Grand Finale the entire time!  SO many fireworks!  Wish we would have stayed a little longer to enjoy them!  Thanks Property Solutions for flippin' the bill!
The next morning, we packed up and headed up to Bear Lake.  Corbin wanted to be in charge of a few fireworks...I have a feeling he as a little pyro in his genes!  THANK YOU COBY!
Watch out....
I love the old piano at Bear Lake!  Cole was mesmerized when it started playing by itself!  
Three brothers...  One singing (Jaden), one curiously watching (Colie)  and the other, (Corbin) probably thinking of his next prank for the other two!  :)

Happy 4th of July!  Such a blesing to live in such an amazing country where we have the freedom to do as we please, worship as we please and know that God had EVERYTHING to do with America being formed.  I wish more people had pride in America the way they should.  Respect is something that is thrown by the way side these days.  People now a days are more concerned with offending each other that they'd rather be politically correct with strangers than to stand up for the God that is responsible for giving them this country and the freedoms that came along with it!  I have the utmost respect for the God-fearing men that risked EVERYTHING to give us the freedoms that we now take for granted.  I still tear up every time I hear or sing the song, "God Bless America", "I'm proud to be an American" and last but not least, our National Anthem.  I truly love this country and feel so blessed EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. to be an American! GOD bless America! 

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