Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bear Lake with our Michigan Crew

It's that time again...time for the old annual Bear Lake weekend with our Michigan friends!
This is an old picture, because for some reason...we never did get a shot of everyone!
 As soon as we were all awake...which was early since the sun and kids are usually on the exact schedule...we were playing in the water.
 The boys worked together and put in the jetski.
 Colie Poke sat on the beach blanket and contemplated eating the sand...and then gave in and had a few bites!  YUCK!
Bettie sat there enjoying the scenery, the best company and the Bear Lake rays...all the while looking GORGEOUS as usual!
It's never dull that's for sure!  I love our poker games!
Here's some of the "chips" for the poker game.

I love these people so much!  Lance always has some sort of crazy story to tell us about crazy people breaking the law (He's the prosecuting attorney for Rupert, ID).  Bettie is so chill, always beautiful and kind and quick to tell her kids what little shits they are!  :)  Wes and Mandy usually come for the day and grace us with Wes' dry and completely ridiculously FUNNY sense of humor!  Mandy is usually snapping pictures and telling us of their family's adventures in the hoppin' town of Tremonton, Utah.  Natalie and Ian and little Tatam finally made it this year and we couldn't have been happier!  Oh how we've missed them!  Natalie is one of the most kind and genuine people you'll ever meet and we feel so blessed still have her in our lives.  But even better than that is her, CRAZY HILARIOUS sense of humor that can have you doubled over, unable to breathe, sides sore from laughing charm!

It's so nice to get together each year with them and pick up right where we left off!  I love them and always look forward to our annual little Bear Lake Reunions!

***NOTE***Next year I hope the flu bug's invitation gets lost in the mail!!  WORST stomach flu of our lives!

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