Monday, January 28, 2013

Coleson 2 months out

LOVE that little squish!  And so does his Nana!  Although..I don't think she enjoys carting this little tank around!  
Here he is taking his first 5 weeks!  We thought it was going to be a success...but this is the only picture we have that he actually even took a bottle!!
He loves to held...ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY!  And this little porker is not LIGHT...obviously!  So, in the Moby he goes and this is how we function now!
I really am in LOVE with him!
And so are his brothers...most of the time!

Here are his stats:
Height:  24 inches / 90th%
Weight:  14.9lbs / 90th%
Head:  16 inches / 100%

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