Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bath Time for Coleson

Babies are supposed to like baths right??!!!
Well, as you can see on Cole's face....
...he's not the biggest fan!  
But after Coby bathes him***, and he's all lotioned up with the yummy Johnson and Johnson's night time lotion and in a soft and warm night gown and snoozing on my chest....he's one happy little snuggie!

We have tried everything to get this boy to take baths.  We even tried to keep the room warm after I take a shower.  Cool baths, warm baths, bath toys, singing in the bath...NOTHING works!  He hates them and I mean HATES them!  Oh well, maybe he'll learn to love them....I HOPE, because giving them to him is torture or at least I think that's what he must think we're doing to him!

***discalimer*** Coby is in charge of our baby's baths because he thinks I scald them!  I DON'T...but I love taking steaming HOT showers and he thinks my skin must be hard of feeling heat!  :)***

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