Monday, August 02, 2010

Juuuuuunnnnnne! FINALLY!

Jim and Jo were so awesome to take us all on a little vacation to Palm Springs! It was soooo HOT...I LOVED every single minute! We split the trip by staying the night at the St. George house the first night and then left early the next day for the LONG LONG drive into the DESERT...aka Palm Springs. We thought it would be fun to give Corbin a "surprise" (from the dollar store) every 100 miles. It worked for a little while and then I think we were wishing we never started it! The constant "Has it been 100 miles yet...!" was almost worse than, "How much longer Dad?!!"

We took advantage of the fact that we were all together and took a few pictures...see above. So FUN! Thank you so much for the AWESOME trip! We love you guys and spending time together as an extended little family....well we're not so little any more are we. We had almost DOUBLED the number of grandkids with the addition of Jades, Little Lu, Dunkie Doodle, and little Livvy.

On the way back to SLC we stopped back off in St. George for a little driving breather. The Patterson's were so nice to let us crash with them. Corbin was ECSTATIC to see his good buddy Dave! Dave was a GREAT sport and helped Corb catch lizards! He named one lizard, Charlie and the other Golden Mouse! Creative huh! :) Dave's cute cute girlfriend Tori was there and they were both kind enough to let Corbin tag along...nearly the entire time. I'd have to go and get him SEVERAL times since he was taking up almost ALL of their 'alone' time! :) Thanks Dave for being such a GREAT sport! We love ya! And so does Corbin....ALOT!

Welcome Little Noah!! My cute Cousin in law had her little munchkin! Isn't he SOOO stinkin' cute!!

HaPpY BiThDaY Unka' Roley...aka Pat! We LOVE you!

Happy Birthday Schlimey!! Quite the looker I might add! I absolutely think the WORLD of Som. I don't know what I'd do without her. She is honest and kind and so generous! She isn't afraid to get her hands dirty (unless it's changing diapers...and that's where she draws the line) and is almost ALWAYS up for any sort of dare you throw her way! I love when she's smiles because she has such a gorgeous smile! She is one of my very best friends and I am so happy that I have the honor of calling her my sister! I love you girl!

Happy Father's Day to an amazing Dad! I think that I could NOT have been blessed with a better husband and father to our children. These boys absolutely ADORE their dad! He is kind and patient and is constantly wrestling and throwing balls to the boys. They love their dad and I can't tell you just how endearing it is to watch them play together. Coby is an absolute DREAM come true! I love him more than I could ever say! Happy Father's Day baby!

Yes...they are wearing underwear on their heads!!

And I think my dad's officially "conquered"!!

Poppy is always so sweet and the kids just love him for it!

Corbin has such a special place in his little heart for both his Poppy (Jim) and his Poochie (my dad). I think he'd live with either of them if we'd let him! I love that they both are happy to get down on the floor and actually play with Corb. It means so much to him! These men are absolutely AMAZING! Happy Father's Day to you both! Love you!

Hansen's were kind enough to invite us on a little Camp Out up Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Love the goggles Corb is wearing! Very funny!

Wish Jades and I could have made it up there. Jades had a nasty little sinus infection and I didn't want to risk making him more sick so we opted to stay home. Looks like they had a ball without us! Next time we'll be there!

Love that smile!!

So much has happened this year. I feel like I blinked last June where I was prego and opened my eyes and I have a little one year old. Where has the time gone??!! This little boy has really been such a blessing in our home. I joke and say that he's by far our fussiest baby, and Coby continues to remind me that I must have blocked any memories of Jack and Corb being fussy. But Jades is so sweet. When he sees Jack's picture, he gets the biggest grin on his face and tries to kiss the frame. I wonder just how much of Jack he still remembers. I know there will come a day when Jack's picture will be only be just that...a picture. For now I'm going to love every single second of it!

Like his brothers he LOVES balls!!

But I think it's safe to say that he loves his brothers more!!

Melt my heart!

Corbin is always looking for someone to keep him "busy". Jades often helps to feel that need! This particular day Corb found a bunch of stickers and decorated Jaden!

Jades was in heaven! He just LOVES matter what he seems to be doing to him!

He is definitely in LOVE with Corbin. He's usually pretty good to put up with Corbin's RELENTLESS annoyances (TOTALLY from ME) but lately I think he's starting to realize that even HE has a limit to how much he can stand!! :)


Oh I love when he's happy!

He's so smart! I mean...I you always think your own kids are brilliant...but HE IS! :) And I'm not at all BIAS!! I love that he knows how to turn the light switches on and off when I ask. He can open and close the microwave. And my favorite thing he does on command is DANCE! I really need to get it on video! He just sort of stars bouncing and shaking back and forth. It's a RIOT!

He loves learning new tricks! THANKS COBY!!!!

He's VERY good at saying "Da Da" and recently started saying "ma ma and Hiiiii". It's SO cute they way he says it too. I love when he does it at Smith's. Or sometimes he'll pick up my phone, hold up to the back of his head and say..."Hiiiiiii...." Always turns my frown upside down!! He also likes to make the "S" sound. Sounds like he's always saying "Thissssss...." So cute! He's ALOT more like me personality wise than the other boys. He has ZERO patience and wants his way when he wants it! He's grumpy when he's tired and hungry and the combo of the two...well, let's just say it's not pretty!

And like his brothers he LOVES food!

He loves drinking out of straws and like Jack, Coby and I have to hide our drinks from him. He loves fruit and his favorite is cantaloupe! I swear that kid could eat it all day and never get sick of it! :) He's a pretty good eater, but once we sit him in his highchair seat thingy his favorite thing to do it throw it over the sides and feed Pup. And Pup eat it up...quite literally in fact! He also loves Pup...she...not so much! He loves to bother her....another thing all the boys have in c common! And the best part is...she KNOWS that if she were to ever hurt them....the consequences would be SEVERE! :) So she just sucks it up! He loves ice cream, especially the courtesy cones from Arctic Circle!

Corn on the Cob...YUMMO!

He looks just THRILLED doesn't he?!! And what happened to the cake you ask....well...I can make them taste GREAT....but as far as looking great too....I fall short! :)

This is the birthday outfit. Here's Corb on his 1st birthday

Jackie on his 1st.

"kisses"....I love his slobbery kisses!

He was an AWESOME little nurser. By far my hardest to ween....hard on me more than him! He was our only kidling that we didn't have to ferberize...VERY nice! He's been sleeping through the night without any problems since he was 6 months....a record for us. Normally 6 mos is the cut off time for Coby (I say Coby because HE'S the one that is sick of being woken up). I have really loved nursing my boys. I have always looked forward to that special one on one time we'd get at 1 am each night. I'm glad I had it with them all. I was grateful while I nursed Jack and feeding Jades in the middle of the night made it even more special for me. I loved every single minute! I like to think that Jack made his little visits during these late night feedings.

But this...this right here is our favorite thing. He always rests his head on our shoulders. I love it so much.

I love that he is still in that "I love my mommy" ONLY phase...most of the time. Although he loves his both set of grandparents and his aunts too! I think he's still trying to sort out all the uncles! :) But Uncle Roley...I'm fairly certain he's smitten with! Can't wait for Som's LOVE OF HER LIFE to get to know him...that's a post for a later date! :) But hopefully not too much later! Hint Hint!! (Schlimey)

I know it won't be long before he's officially a "daddy's boy" like the others. Coby can't leave while he's watching or he'll go to the back door and bang on it and cry. Jack used to do that too!

He doesn't quite have the crazy hair that Jack had at this age or the amount of Corbin's, but it's definitely blond....really blond with a hint of red....but just a little hint! :) He loves to empty things, like my PURSE for example!! But he's pretty good about putting it all back in. He gives the BEST kisses! His favorite toy right now is this little ball thing that uses air to shoot the balls out and then you can see it going through the toy! He LOVES it and can it can definitely keep him busy! Like Jackie he LOVES to be held. At 25lbs...My Moby Wrap definitely comes in handy! Thank goodness for an 18 ft piece of fabric! :) We LOVE it! He started crawling around 11 mos. and is now pulling himself up on everything. He has a really funny crawl, it's almost like some sort of little monkey scoot where he drags one of his legs. He KNOWS how to crawl the real way, but opts to do it this way most of the time. He LOVES to throw things...balls, name it...if he can pick it up, he'll chuck it to see how far it will go and then happy go and get it and thus the cycle continues!! Everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE we go I get "Oh...looks like someone's sleepy!" I guess we'll never avoid it! He just has those cute little droopy "Rich" eyes.He can stand by himself for a few seconds before falling and he thinks it's a game. It's really cute. He's fallen down the stairs twice...poor baby...he's FAST! I love my little Jadesy badesy butter bug! Happy birthday baby!

This year was my first opportunity to go to Girl's Camp.

It was such a hoot! I was able to more fully get to know a few of the first years a little better.

While I was there I was blessed to meet such an AMAZING girl named Andrea Nelson. This girl left a handprint on my heart. She's just gorgeous, but if you knew even a fraction of the beauty this girl has on the inside you'd be beside yourself like I was...and continue to be. She has a lot of health issues but you'd never know it. She was always the first one up, if the girls needed ANYTHING. She was a TRUE example of the kind of person I'd like to be...and she's only 18 years old. I think about her every single day. Wish I would have met her sooner since she's leaving for college soon.....all the way in WEBER. NO fair! Her roommates will be in for quite a treat! Good luck Andrea! Love you girl!

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abbyandcompany said...

Um, that photo of Jaden and the cake is HILARIOUS. It should read, "What did you do to my cake, Mom?" Oh, his face. Too funny.

Sounds like a fun month!

Sommer said...

I knew I was loved!!Thanks tif!

Melanie said...

We are blog worthy SWEEET! Thanks for including our little No-ers!
Fun pics sooo many cute ones. Juuunnne - looks like it was goooood! I am still moby challenged I might need to swing by sometime for lessons

Brittni Schroeder said...

Holy update! Your family is adorable!

Anonymous said...

What sweet grandsons I have, I love to be with them and help you as much as I can. I love love love you, Thanks for being a wonderful daughter to me, I have the best daughters ever!!! which makes me one lucky Lady!!!!

Larsen said...

I love boys. I hope that this one is a boy. We find out tomorrow. But I am certain that it's a girl. I wanted to thank you for your comment the other day. I find the most comfort in other Angel mom's and their words of validation and comfort. You are an awesome person! You have some super cuties!!!

AHM B said...

nice blog