Sunday, August 01, 2010

A few things were missed in May

Nice face huh!!

Jades didn't quite grasp the concept of ..."smell"!

Happy Mother's Day to me! Coby has got to be the MOST charming, the MOST Romantic guy EVER! For Mother's Day this year he surprised me and took our family up to Snowbird for a Mother's Day Brunch. It was AWESOME! The food was great, the company was even better! Nothing I love better than being with our little family. Still, it didn't feel quite complete without a certain chubby little lammy. I KNOW he's on a mission...but where was my MOTHER'S DAY PHONE CALL HUH???!!!! If only!!! If only!!

Happy Birthday Amay (Amy)! I love this girl more than words could say! She's one in a million! Isn't her little Ella ADORABLE?!! :)


Sommer said...

I can't say that I am shocked that Jadesy tried to eat the rose!

Lanae said...

What a cute family you have!! And what a fun way to spend Mother's Day. You guys are too cute.
Love ya girl, little

abbyandcompany said...

I have got to start copyrighting my photos! :) You are too kind!

I can't believe Jaden is SO HUGE! Can you get to June so we can hear all about his 1st birthday!