Saturday, October 10, 2009

Amber comes in for a visit

I am so far behind on my blogging! There are LOTS of posts to come, but I'll space out the posts....see how well I'm doing so far!! Just kidding!

Amber came out for a LONG overdue visit at the end of August. It was so fun! We all want her to move out here. Corbin especially! He LOVES her to death! He had to run into the airport with my mom just to find her as soon as she landed because he just couldn't wait to play with her. He has designated his top bunk to "Aunt Ambie". She plays with him too! It's so cute to watch them together.

But the person I think she likes most is Coby. What started out a bit rocky...has turned into such a close relationship. Amber looks up to Coby as a big brother...I think she might even like him more than me....hmmmm....not sure how I feel about that! :) Just kidding! But he adores her too. He even said that she could even move in...if she'd only get her cute little butt out here! (**Disclaimer** "cute little butt" is from me....not Coby's words)

But the person I think would have really loved her to be here to play would have been Jackie! I can only imagine just how much fun they would have had playing. We'll all get our chance....Someday right Brittany?!! :) I am glad that she did get to know him. He loved her and I'm sure he's looking forward to playing with her....EVENTUALLY! :) So help me if that millennium doesn't hurry up....

Jack and Aunt Ambie

I am so glad that she got to meet little Jader Bug. They seem to really have bonded! Mostly, he like her to hold him....which I LOVED...and so did my shoulders! They got in a few naps together and I think she was in heaven! :) She's a great sister and cute little aunt. I'm sure happy my boys ...all of them just adore her! SO...get your cute little bum out here girl! :) We miss you


Sommer said...

I would just like to point of (it wasn't clear in the post) that I am the FAVORITE aunt. The boys love Amb but I am the favorite!

The Hutchings said...

Hey, Tiffany I found your blog on the Relief Society blog and just had to take a peek. Cute pictures of baby! We will have to get together sometime soon and do something crafty and get to know each other better. Thanks for always being so friendly!