Saturday, September 05, 2009


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My cute sister in law, Whit planned a surpise party for me on my birthday! What a sweetheart! We have really gotten so close this last year and I am truly grateful. We've always been good friends, but I am happy to say that she is not only family, but she's also one of my best friends. We had our kidlings close in age and she's expecting at the beginning of November. I'm crossing my fingers that they are having a little boy! I just love ya whit! Thanks for all you do for me!


Janee said...

Omg Tiff you look so dang good for JUST having a baby! Sweet crap! Jealous :)

Natalie said...

thinking of you today sweet girl! love and prayers to you.

Amy said...

What a cute pic of the two of you. Congrats Whitney..... Tiff, You've braved this past year with so much strength and grace. just wanted to tell you again how much I love and admire you. You and sweet baby Jack are in my thoughts and prayers. luvs.