Monday, January 26, 2015

Disney Cruise with the Rich's

This year for Christmas Joanne gave us all a trip to Florida for a Disney Cruise.
 We took the Red-eye...
 This was Cole's first airplane ride...he was very interested.
 The boys are officially pros at flying now!
 Goofy shot of Dad and Colie
 After we survived the LONG Red-eye flight into Orlando, we hopped on a private bus that could seat all 19 of us. We stopped at Mcdonalds for a little breakfast.   As we got onto the freeway...we ran into a little...wait HUGE problem!  Our driver got pulled over for some weird markings on the bus.  It turned out that our driver wasn't licenced to drive all of us.   The cop was an absolute A$% and...long story short....we were delayed about 2 hours without a driver and eventually  had to rent 2 vans and make the 3.5 hour drive to  Cape Canavaral.  We nearly missed the ship because of the ridiculous ordeal.  
 Despite all the trouble...these kids were troopers!
 We finally boarded the ship and the beds seemed pretty enticing!  We all had to check each other's rooms out.  Poor Honey...everyone wanted to be with her!
 Shortly after was time for the Anchors Away party.  
 Cole was pretty excited!
 He was so excited...that he crashed and crashed hard by the time dinner rolled around.  We made him a little bed out of some chairs and were shocked that he stayed asleep the entire time.  We were a little nervous that he'd be up all night...but we got lucky and the slept through the night!
 It's always a fun time to be with cousins!
 Goofy practically begged us to take a picture with him.
 When we had a little down time, the boys were glued to those electronics!   (bane of my existence)
I look for this painting everytime we go on a disney's my favorite!  If it wasn't so expensive, I'd buy it and hang it up someplace in my house!  Isn't it adorable!
 Pirate night with Marse!
 Then it was on to Caymen Islands.
 Whit, me and Anna-Lisa on the boat ride over to Sting Ray City.
 There wasn't a ton of there was a bunch of time spent indoors looking over the ocean.  It was sure relaxing!
 All the cousins sat together at their very own little table.
 The beauty of the ocean never fails to amaze me every single time!
 We were all really looking forward to Castaway Cay...but the water was so rocky that the captain couldn't we were stuck on the boat the whole day.  It was disappointing to say the least.  But...we found things to do!
 Jaden colored and asked me, " you like my paper?" I said yes and then he said with a HUGE smile on his face, "Is it like the best coloring you ever seen?"  He's a cutie!
 Cole had a ball playing with Sam in one of the kid's clubs.
 We found a Veggie Race to compete in.  We were the Racing Rich's.
 Here's a shot of our awesome Carrot car.  And believe it or not...we won!!
 And just like was over.  Thank you so much Honey for the awesome trip!  It's always so fun to be together as a family!  Love the memories!

On the day we were stuck on the cruise we surprised the boys and told them that we were staying in Florida and spending a few more days together at Disneyworld!  They were pretty surprised and SUPER excited! 
It was so fun to be together for another little trip within our trip. 
The first day we went to Magic Kingdom.  Don't you love their little matching shirts! 
We had the family dining plan and had dinner at an old time western place.  Jaden was blown away by the was a little bigger than we thought! 
Then it was off to the Haunted Mansion.  The boys had fun reading all the statues.  Disney sure knows how to "fun" things up and keep you entertained even waiting in lines. 
Since there wasn't much of a line for Small World...Cole was loved the little boat ride!  Coby and I however were stuck singing the "small world" song for days! 
Here's a shot of the fireworks near Cinderella's castle. 
The next day we headed to Universal Studios.  Here's a shot of the boys and Coby dropping on the elevator on the Tower of Terror. 
Cole was always a fun kid...especially waiting in the lines.  Picking up on my sarcasm are you??!!
 We got to see this AWESOME special car stunt show.  Cars were on fire and flying around at super fast speeds!  It was amazing!  The boys all got a kick out of it!
 Then the boys got to design a car on the Fast Track ride.
Then it was on to Epcot.  Here's Minnie with the boys. 
And here we all are .  Cole was quite interested in Minnie's eyelashes! 
Isn't he strong...Corbin was able to hold the Epcot Ball up over his head! 
The boys had a ball on Splash Mountain! 
They may have gotten a little wet...but they didn't care! 
Back at the hotel, while Cole and I took a nap, the boys went swimming.  
Every now and then Cole let me hold him... 
 Here's Corb with a Yetti scarf...
Jaden had to get in on the action as well.

It was such a super fun trip!  I love this little family of mine.  I love spending every second with them...well, most every second when they aren't whining or fighting or throwing tantrums in the lines!  Coby is a amazing and always looking for ways for our family to make more and more memories!  I love you babe!  Thanks for everything!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Snuggly baby

I love snuggly babies...even if the only time I get them is when they are sick!  I love holding this kid's big fat paws!

Friday, January 02, 2015

Date night with the fam

Tonite Coby and I had a little Date night at Scheels with these crazy hooligans!
Who would have thought grabbing some grub at the Habit Burger and then heading to Scheels could be so fun?!!  We walked around and played with lots of things we'll NEVER buy and then finished off the night with lots of delicious fudge and gelato!  A great night was had by ALL...including Cole, who was VERY interested in seeing President Abraham Lincoln talk.  (CREEPY) :) 
I certainly LOVE this crazy little family of mine!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Eve

Happy NEW YEARS EVE!!  Where has the year gone??!!
Tonight we (Our family and the Welch's) headed over to Joanne's for a little Chinese food, loud party blowers, hats and lots and lots of fun!
Marse and some of our kids were trying to show Coby that their horns worked...  I think he liked it!
Joanne needed a little bubbly....WE ALL DID!  
And after some fun fireworks and a little smooch-a-roo to ring in the "early" New Year (9 pm)...the New Year was official!
It was a GREAT night...and the casualties were minimal.  (Jaden was a mean little cat and scratched Corb's neck pretty well.)  I love spending time with our family and happy that this New Years was laid back and low key.  Just the way I like it!